Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sponsor of the Market: Central Valley Feed & Supply INC

We are excited to add Central Valley Feed & Supply INC as our newest sponsor!
Central Valley Feed & Supply is a locally owned and operated business that carries a variety of feed, grains, beans and rice to meet all of your feeding and nutritional needs.  Quality is top priority and they understand that every ingredient matters. Below are a number of products they sell:

chicken feed
show cow feed
rabbit feed
calf feed

rolled corn
whole corn

pinto beans
black beans
peruauno beans


Central Valley Feed & Supply is also involved with the local 4-H and FFH programs.  These programs receive 10% off the regular retail price.

Contact Central Valley Feed & Supply INC for all of your feed and supply needs:

President: Edie Nunes

946 West Main St.
Jerome, ID 83338

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wholesale nuts & fruit fresh from California!

We have a shipment of nuts and fruit coming from California.
Hurry and place an order!


 *pistachios $6.00 per pound or $150.00 for a 25 lbs. box
(fresh-no added colors) 

* shelled almonds $6.00 per pound or $150.00 for a 25 lbs. box

*naval oranges $15.00 for a 20 lbs. box
(The oranges are hand picked fresh off the trees and not ripened or colored by any artificial mean)

*ruby red grapefruit $15.00 for a 20 lbs. box

All pre-paid orders need to be in by February 10-14 and they will be delivered March 1st.

To place your order please call Kathy Bartholomew:

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Harvest Festival 2013

T h e  H a r v e s t  F e s t i v a l  2 0 1 3

Yummy homegrown produce &
 homemade culinary goods

Many wonderful Vendors

Games & Activities
We are so grateful for all of our wonderful vendors and all of YOU, who frequented our market this Summer.

We are excited to see you next year!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

2 days until the Harvest Festival!

There are only 2 days left until this years Harvest Festival at the Crossroads Point Farmers Market in Jerome, ID!  Last year was our very first year and it was a blast (no pun intended due to the high winds).  
Kids enjoyed the bouncy houses and giant pumpkin pyramid and parents enjoyed all the handmade goods sold by the local vendors.    

Our Market's director Kathy Bartholomew wore her gorgeous velvet witches cape with a bejeweled spider hanging from her hat. 
Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes were displayed.  There was even one that talked and had cool pumpkin sunglasses.
some of the delicious and pretty things made by our vendors last year.
We will also have our pumpkin pyramid and our 5 foot life-like pumpkin for display.

This year we are adding the gorgeous and realistic looking giant rooster and the chicken wrangler to pose by for pictures.

So wear your costumes, come on down for LOTS of fun, food, entertainment and games for  everyone! 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Recipe for Fall fruits & veggies

As Fall approaches harvest time begins.  Below are just a few recipes using delicious produce that you will find at the market tomorrow.  Just click on the recipe name to see the full recipe.  

market ingredients:
tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, basil

click on the recipe title link above for the best tutorial on how to make a perfect Caprese salad, as well as the most delicious pictures you'll ever see. ;)

market ingredients:
kale, apples, lettuce, onions

market ingredients:
onion, yellow squash, olive oil

market ingredients:
whole corn

pumpkin, onions, tomato, celery

We hope to see you tomorrow!  
Also our Harvest Festival is coming up.
More on that later.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kackleberry Farms

Many of the fresh fruit and produce that you find at the Market are grown here at Kackleberry farms.  Kackleberry farms is located in Jerome and stands on 5 acres.  With their rich soils and superb growing conditions, Kackleberry Farms has some of the most delicious homegrown and handpicked produce in the area.

Remember that no matter where you live to always 

K A C K L E B E R R Y   F A R M S
Just a small portion of the fresh produce hand picked from their gardens.
Not only do they have large expanding gardens, they also have free range chickens that produce large delicious eggs for cooking.
Above & below are some of the delicious greens that are grown at Kackleberry Farms.
Below, is a gorgeous large gazebo they added at the edge of one of their gardens.  A perfect place to sit, eat fresh picked produce and chat with friends and family.
Below is the owner of Kackleberry Farms, Kathy Bartholomew with her grandchildren 
below are just a few of the gorgeous array of seasonal flower they grow.  The picture below shows their zinnias and how quickly they grew within a week.  

the picture on the left was taken a week before the picture on the right.  
Below is another picture of their vegetable garden full of pumpkin, melon, zucchini and much much more.

Who knew that artichokes look just as perfect on the vine as they do when you buy them in the store?
Below is their yard.  A beautiful retreat from a hard days work out in the garden.
Kackleberry Farms will be at the Jerome Farmers Market this Saturday.  So stop by, say hi and try some of their delicious homegrown, handpicked produce!